Raksa by The Bay - Dance & Drumming Workshops

Habibi's Entertainment presents

Raksa by The Bay - Dance & Drumming Workshops

Virginia, Amir Sofi

Sat, April 6, 2013

Doors: 9:30 am / Show: 10:00 am

Club Fox

Redwood City, CA

$55.00 - $200.00

This event is 21 and over

Raksa by The Bay - Dance & Drumming Workshops
Raksa by The Bay - Dance & Drumming Workshops
Habibi's Entertainment presents
"Raksa by The Bay"
International Bellydance Stars in San Francisco Bay Area
Featuring Virginia and Amir Sofi

Saturday April 6th:
Dance workshop 1: 10 AM - 1 PM
Drumming workshop: 2 PM - 4 PM

Sunday April 7th:
Dance workshop 2: 10 AM - 1 PM
Live Dance and Drumming Show: 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Prices per person:
Dance workshops: $95 per workshop
Drumming workshop: $55
Show: Main Floor: $25, Balcony: $15

Special Packages Pricing (per person):
#1: 2 Dance workshops, Drumming workshop and Show: $200
#2: 2 Dance workshops and Show: $175
#3: 1 Dance workshop, Drumming workshop and Show: $150
#4: 1 Dance workshop and Show: $100
#5: Drumming workshop and Show: $70
Having brought audiences to their feet and to tears, Virginia has captivated a worldwide public with breath taking performances, a dynamic presence, and a soulful interpretation of Oriental Dance. She has crossed all borders leaving her indigenous mark on a diverse audience with performances that ignite the human spirit and illuminate the soul.

Considered to be one of the most influential and sought after performers, choreographers, producers and master instructors of this ancient art form she has been presented across 5 continents and almost 40 countries.Utilizing her innovative musicality and ingenious choreographical prowess, Virginia is known for constantly reinventing the dance. She dares to take the dance to a whole new level while staying true to her Egyptian roots.

Regarded as one of the world’s foremost instructors, she is also considered to be one of it’s most generous. Constantly creating motivating and articulated workshops, Virginia shares a wealth of knowledge each and every time she instructs. True to this reputation she has created 7 instructional DVD’s, 2 theatrical productions on DVD, and 2 Oriental Dance Music CD’s, all critically acclaimed by the Bellydance Community.

“Her energy is contagious and her work is inspirational”, Lorena. Regarded by many dancers as a great inspiration, she has been extremely influential in creating competition winners, and stunning performers worldwide. She is the founder of C.O.M.E. Dance & Rakstar Productions as well as the director/ choreographer for Virginia’s Wa Nour Al Ayun professional performing company. Rakstar is an annual long weekend event with the Oriental Dance Communities greatest legends, and brightest stars all converging on the glorious beaches of Miami for an unforgettable weekend of workshops, performances and an International Bellydance Competition.
Admired by many as the premiere protégé of Mr. Yousry Sharif, Virginia is proud of this lineage and honored to have him as Rakstar's Legendary Artist.
Amir Sofi
Amir Sofi
Amir Sofi comes to us from the historic Mediterranean seaport of Haifa, One of the largest cities in the Middle East Now an accomplished, respected musician who has traveled the world as a master of his craft, playing the Ancient Arabic Tabla, Amir has devoted his life to this versatile and powerful percussion instrument, affording him a rich and exciting career.

Career highlights include; performing with Sting and Cheb Mami at the 2001 Super Bowl to an audience of 200 million, stage and studio collaborations with (Mansour, Andy, Shani, Stevie Wonder, Michael Bolton ...) the finest Middle-Eastern and Western artists. featured soundtrack recordings on (Spy games, The halk , Scorpion King, The Keeper, 10 commandments ...) as well as accompanying the worlds best belly dance; (Jillina, Aziza, Sadie, Tamra Henna...). These are just some of the accomplishments that Amir has so far enjoyed.

Driven by passion and the desire to share his life through music, Amir invites you to experience the explosive fusion created on his first acclaimed album "Millennium". A distinctive mix of the thrilling dance rhythms and intoxicating melodies of traditional Middle-Eastern music with today's modem frenetic pulse heard in western music. Soon, you will be able to experience his much anticipated new album "Ana Esme Amir".

Amir Sofi was only 13 years of age when he was first introduced to the tabla, a goblet shaped drum with a deep rich history and vast purpose. Amir's enthusiasm was not met by his parents who strongly favored his academic studies. Determined to learn, he secretly studied and even bought his first tabla with funds intended for a school trip. While others attended the trip, he spent the entire day hidden and alone until the school bus returned so he could go home at the same time as his classmates without creating suspicion.

The tabla was the perfect instrument to focus his youthful energies, demanding both the dynamic abilities and learned respect that he sought and now possesses. By 15, Amir had not only assembled his own band, he was enjoying performing at local events and parties in his hometown. At 18 his abilities, no longer overshadowed by his youth, took him to Cairo, Egypt, to study at the prestigious "Conservatory of Music" while performing nightly with the finest musicians and dancers in the land. Upon graduation Amir returned to his native shore but was far from slowing down. Now 19 years old he became the youngest member of the number one band at the time "Dream", lead by the talented Zoohar Prancise. Amir's gift of skill and dedication were recognized as timeless by his fellow band members that were nearly twice his age. Things were moving fast, Dream was touring and Amir found time to collaborate with other well established bands plus regular performances on the most popular television shows broadcast throughout The Middle East. Amir enjoyed his first opportunity to travel with "Dream" on a 2 year tour throughout Yje Middle Eastl, Europe, America and Canada.

Since the inception of Amir's dream, 7 years earlier, he had never deviated or decelerated on his path towards reality. When suddenly at the age of 20 he stopped at an unexpected crossroad in his life.

Choosing to turn towards another incredible experience and opportunity to entertain the world, only on a different stage. A visit to The Middle East, created a chance discovery and career offer by "Image Models", One of the pioneer and leading modeling agency. Amir's decision to accept was based upon a desire to challenge his performance abilities while discovering new musical influences and cultures during his travels. Immediate success and an invitation to work in America for "Ford Model Agency" propelled Amir to the height of runway modeling for Elite designers including; Armani, Valentino and Hugo Boss at countless national (Mumi, New York, Los Angeles ...) and international (Paris, Milan, London ...) fashion show venues.

Unable to contain his musical appetite and desire he returned his focus and passion to his first love, the tabla Now on American soil the stage is set for success and Amir's musical rebirth Continuing his quest in America to perform, accompany and record with the worlds finest international musicians and dancers took Amir to such cities as Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles. All of Amir's new influences and experiences gave inspiration to hone his unique fusion in sound and in 1999 he returned to Cairo, Egypt to record his l* album "Millennium". Choosing the best studio "Ammar Sound", the elite orchestral sounds of ''El Masea", renowned engineering brilliance of "Ehab Nabil" along with many other of Egypt's finest musicians and composers to give authenticity to his lifelong dream.

Upon returning to America to release "Millennium" Amir had the strong desire to give back to the world. The platform he chose was through the beautiful collaborations with many talented belly dancers by educating and inspiring new talent through his touring workshops. Focusing on the connection between dancer and drummer, building respect and greater understanding for one another's art form.

Amir eventually settled down in the entertainment capital of Los Angeles, California. Audiences can regularly see Amir perform at the best local Middle-Eastern venues. He also continues to tour with his workshops, record for movie soundtracks and accompany many famous belly dancers for instructional DVD's.

Watch this space for the much anticipated release of Amir's new album "Ana Esme Amir" and to find out where to see him perform at his exciting touring workshops and thrilling stage shows.

2010, Continuing his artistic mission, Amir Produced his most recent Albums Amir Sofis Guide to Middle Eastern Rhythms (Volume 1 & 2) to help audiens identify and become familiar with rhythms of the Arab world and beyond. Amir teaches the counts, plays the rhythms, and gives examples of how some of these rhythms sound as part of a musical arrangement. This is an essential tool for any dancer or musician.
Venue Information:
Club Fox
2209 Broadway Street
Redwood City, CA, 94063