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Ages 21+
Come to Club Fox to celebrate the best Alternative Rock ever to come out of Israel!

In the days before Alternative Rock became mainstream, there was one special club hidden in the industrial part of Tel-Aviv. A place where all teenage guitar-rock nuts could meet up, hear live underground music, catch up on the growing Grunge movement from across the ocean, and just be themselves.

That place sprouted some of the most legendary Israeli bands of all-time, spotted and hosted some would-be mega-bands like Raidiohead and was the foundation of the Israeli Alternative Rock scene of the early 90’s.

That place was the mythical ROXANN club, and this year marks the 25th anniversary of its closing and the official end of an era.

Come and relive the memories as we celebrate, party and pay tribute to the best Alternative Rock ever to come out of Israel!

Vocals: Adam Lapede

Vocals: Libby Leist

Guitars: Liron Leist

Keys/Guitars: Gil Friedman

Drums: Itay Taragano

Bass: Idan Zuckerman

Venue Information:
Club Fox
2209 Broadway
Redwood City, CA, 94063